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It’s Always Easy #34

Friends for a lifetime. It’s been said before, but those people who you’ve known since childhood – perhaps since single digits- you can go months and years without seeing and when you reunite it’s as if you’ve never missed a day. It’s remarkable really.

I had one of these days with my best friend and her husband recently. We met at the desired destination and reconnected for the first time in many months. She delivered birthday cards that were nearly two months belated – we didn’t care – and hugged us. We attended our event and laughed the entire time, told stories about things in our past and laughed some more.

It was easy. It’s always easy with those people who “get” you. There’s no hurry or worry, no judgment or expectations not met. If it needs to be said, we say it. Mostly, we laugh and enjoy each other. Somehow, it’s as if time stops when we’re together and even if time has passed, we can talk about the serious things, our worries, our joys and celebrations all in the same meeting.

Imagine if we could greet everyone this way. Imagine if we always extended the benefit of the doubt, assumed positive intent and “let things go.” I believe we don’t do so because trust isn’t as high with everyone. With those who’ve seen you at your best and worst, had your back and watched you grow up, there are some deep roots.

In order to replicate this, we need to take the time. The time adulthood doesn’t afford us that childhood did. The time to marinate in the present. Because really, that’s all there is. We waste our time in the past worrying about the things we can’t change and living in the fictitious future, imagining we know what’s possible, when all there is, is now. When we’re fully here now (or now here), we don’t worry about being nowhere else. See what I did there? Food for thought.

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