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While we navigate the new normals of home officing, home schooling, virtual meetings, learning the new way we’re working short term (and likely beyond), we are all pivoting throughout our days. 

Are you taking care of yourself? I’m talking with leaders non-stop who tell me they are busier now than ever, overeatingneeding to move/exercise more, and they live with an undercurrent of stress paramount to the information of the day and the amount of time they’ve spent watching the news or on social media. 

Stop. This reset our world is offering is a chance to reinterpret how work and home coincide. It’s not necessarily orderly for everyone, but it is a chance to observe your life. Approach it as a blank canvas to highlight and reorganize what truly matters. 

Some things to consider: 

  • If you no longer commute, where did your commute time go? Is it frittered away, or did you claim it as your own, making yourself a priority in your day? 
  • If you are working from home, are you structured and intentional about it? (see yesterday’s blog #293 for your work from home checklist) 
  • Do you have what you need to be at your best every day? If not, what can you change? 
  • How can you view this changing world as an opportunity? What would you do if you saw it as a gift? 
  • How can you use your time and energy to create the home, work, and life you dreamed of – right now?
  • What are the opportunities in front of you? How can you seize them? 


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