March 8, 2021 4:48 am Published by

International Women’s Day. Certainly it’s a day I look for as a woman with a passion for working with other women. 

Having just attended a women’s conference with one of my daughters, I am in great appreciation of what happens when women convene and band together. 

There’s a tether that’s unspoken, tangible and immensely powerful. 

When women gather to elevate and lift each other offering an invitation to one another to speak their truth, everyone wins. 

One of my teammates shared she knew she would re-center by coming to this mini retreat, gathering with women is a gateway to your most powerful, authentic self. 

I agree.  

It is our time; we are the bridge from where we are to what’s possible in a world that works for everyone. Not the few, everyone. 

We have been forged in the fire and are ready to lead with kindness and irrefutable, unwavering resolve. 

It is more than a day, just like Black History is more than a month.  

It is our time. 

Art credit: Angelia Bambina