July 15, 2021 5:15 am Published by

Let’s talk about intentionality. It’s fitting when you host a podcast named “Intentional Greatness.”  

What does it mean to be intentional and how does it show up in our world?  

I’m a pretty disciplined person at this point in my life. When I say that what I mean is, I intend to have certain results, and if I want them, I ask myself, “who do I need to be and what practices do I need to have in order to achieve the intended results?” Then I work my answers backward, like a math equation.  

I was fortunate my parents reinforced the message of “if you work hard enough, and you want something badly enough, you’ll need to be willing to put yourself in the path of most success, and if you persist long enough, at some point things will occur and it’ll look like luck to everyone else.”  

So I learned to work really hard, and the persistence and patience of being intentional about something over time has paid off.  

It’s quite a contrast to the instant gratification world we’re in. We experience the immediacy of things every day – the ability for us to get groceries, merchandise, and virtually anything delivered to our home within the day or several days makes it challenging to praise patience over time.  

Intentionality is not just about wishing wanting or hoping, it’s actually working backwards from the results you intend, actively over time. 

Intention is actively becoming a student of what’s possible.