March 29, 2023 5:12 am Published by

When you’re creating connection, it’s best to be in person. 

So how can you create connection within a remote working environment? 

First, let’s acknowledge it is harder. You must be intentional. Being in person is easier; there are eyes to look into, feelings, body language and many other clues when you’re in person. 

So, I offer these thoughts to help navigate the reality of geographic distance. This acknowledges the fact there are two types of distance you face with remote working: 

  1. Physical distance 

  1. The sense of distance between people in a conversation 

There is research showing the more distant you are from something or someone socially or in time and space, the more abstractly you are likely to think about them. 

In our post pandemic world, this is important to consider.  

Our humanity depends on it. 

People are not things.