June 14, 2021 5:48 am Published by

Intention and attention both contribute to attaining results, but one of them will offer more likelihood of success. 

When the lack of results is the result, people offer up stories, reasons, excuses, justifications, and explanations to justify the lack. They also share what their intention was when they offered their commitment. 

That’s where it all falls apart.  

Your energy goes where your attention flows. The way to attain the results you desire is to set your intention, reinforce it daily and then focus your attention on everything that contributes to it. 

No amount of intention without attention will derive what you want. If it does, it will seem accidental. 

Attention without intention is unfocused. Things happen, yet they aren’t cohesive or maximized. 

You need both.  

When intention and attention are combined, you more consistently achieve what you desire. Though you can’t control the results, when you give your full energy and focus, more often than not you succeed.