September 5, 2022 5:31 am Published by

Travel is still challenging these days. If you’ve been going East, you can feel every word of that statement. 

And yet, travel is improving daily to the point of feeling how it was pre-pandemic. Fingers crossed; the winter is coming! 

When I know I’m on the road, no matter the length of the trip, because I’ve flown a decent amount, I have hacks to make it easy. Having structure and practices allows for a peace of mind when changes occur and it’s not seamless. It’s as if you’ve been given a gift. 

I had a three-hour stint on a tarmac (due to weather at my destination) and used it to work the entire time. It was an identical experience to making the flight, yet I returned home to my own bed that evening. Though I couldn’t get to my client due to flash floods, my peace never faltered, and I used the time to my advantage. 

Knowing I’d have a long layover today, I ensured I got enough sleep, worked out before I went to the airport, read on the plane and am using my time in the lounge to write this blog while I also got in some steps. 

Being mindful of what works for you, ensuring you stay focused on the wins and how you can use what’s happening to your benefit are key to maintaining a peaceful mindset. 

What can you do today to increase your peace?