May 9, 2023 5:25 am Published by

Don’t let fear lead you. 

Sometimes, when facing change and left in the silence of our own thinking, we choose the comfort and certainty of what’s known over the new and unknown. 

While it’s one of your available choices, consider what you’re gaining and missing in the short and long term. 

You can live with the predictable reality and hope for different results, efforting in the short term and relaxing into the known and familiar. You can double down on your efforts short term and relax knowing the predictable future you agreed to. Over time, your question will be: am I doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results? 

You can end it, moving into what’s new and unknown, unsure of what you’re gaining, knowing there will be discomfort and uncertainty as you emerge into the new thinking and actions that will shape you into a new version of what’s possible. It’s less comfortable in the short term, requiring a beginner’s mindset to learn and grow. While unfamiliar, it should be compelling and worthwhile in the long run.   

Your third option is to change it. This requires all those involved to effort toward a shared future. This one is the most challenging. It requires effort and learning in the short and long term. Your question should be: am I willing to sustain the changes necessary to maintain that shared future? Sustainability is the key otherwise you’re hoping for a result you won’t maintain. 

If you choose from scarcity or fear, it won’t work.