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I was searching for some older documents recently and stumbled upon a picture I made of my leadership vision for my future. I designed this vision for when I turned 50 (I was 42 at the time, so 8 years into the future). 

I’d never set such a long-range goal for myself; most goals were shorter termed. I pushed it out because at the time, life felt like a dark abyss in terms of the challenges I was facing: my parents and brother’s deaths, divorce, businesses struggling, moving, financial hardship, and poor health. 

What struck me was how clear I was when I declared my future state during the retreat I was attending. It was visceral for me, and I referenced it over the eight years, though I didn’t keep the visual displayed or even accessible.  

The amazing thing is, it worked. 

Right down to the exact date (Mind blown!). My husband proposed that day. Everything I referenced in my declaration was true as stated. I improved incrementally and consistently, and it happened. 

I shared the visual pictured with the people in the retreat, and other than verbal references in conversation, never showed another person or referred back to my drawing. 

My Leadership vision =  

By 2/7/2015, I’ll be in the best shape of my life mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, relationally, emotionally, and intentionally (so far). This creates a platform to design the next stages of my life. 

The support to achieving that vision =  

  1. What I put in and release 

  1. What I practice daily 

  1. What I focus on 

  1. Who I spend time with 

  1. How I live and learn 

What’s your vision for who you are as a leader?  

Are you ready for Intentional Greatness®?