August 7, 2023 5:34 am Published by

Life is full of surprises, and most times, things don’t go as planned.  

How do we find resilience when we’re attached to the plan and it’s not happening as we’d like? 

Try this simple approach using two key questions: “So what? Now what?” 

“So What?” asks that we don’t let the changes or setbacks define who we are or what’s possible. It challenges us to reinterpret what’s happening, freeing our minds to make new meaning. When used to forward us, these two tiny words let us detach from limiting thoughts. We can move from thinking things are happening to us, to thinking things are happening for us. 

“Now What?” is about finding solutions. After accepting and reframing what’s happened, we can focus on what to do next. It’s a chance to learn and grow from our experiences. 

By using the “So What? Now What?” approach, we can overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities for success, becoming resilient in the process while making the most out of every situation.  

Our history doesn’t define us; it provides the stepping stones for growth. When we use this powerful combination to empower ourselves to see things differently, find solutions, and create a brighter, more optimistic outlook on life; history stops repeating itself. 

You’re only defined by what’s happened if you say so. 

So what? 

Now what?