March 1, 2021 12:41 am Published by

I was connecting with a friend and colleague and during our discussion offered some feedback. I shared I hadn’t wanted to burden her with a request as she seemed busy because she hadn’t responded to prior emails. 

She seemed taken aback and apologized, not wanting to project that image. 

I could totally relate. When I’m truly executing to the max in my business, I often want the projection to the outside world to be something different. It doesn’t work, they know and can tell. 

What can you do? 

Change your communication to being proactive about how to make it work. 

I let clients know my calendar is maximized during certain times in the year and what will work for communication. Amazingly, when I share how to make it work through the busy times, it takes the pressure off, we coordinate well and though I’m still maximizing my hours, it flows.  

The work is fantastic, the flow is terrific, and we simply need to alter how we make it work when more is required.