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Culture comes from the top of the house. 

If you’re a leader focused on your team, your first job is to develop yourself and them. The mode you’re in sets the tone for your team. What’s your day-to-day mood, mode, and behavior? 

What I recognize is moods, modes, and behaviors I’ve consistently displayed include versions I’d consider more and less favorable in terms of motivating people. 

To say it another way these behaviors are scarce (fear based) = not enough, and abundant (love based) = more than enough. Perhaps we can all recognize how we as leaders are responsible for all of it. That’s right, all of it. It’s only heavy when we see that as bad news.  

Cheers to the reframing available as we become introspective and intentional as leaders. I hope my list encourages you to do your work as well – please add to the list! 

If you want to improve your culture (and attract and retain talent) first look in the mirror. 

Scarce mode

  • Giddyup
  • Driven
  • Over-scheduled  
  • FOMO
  • Critical
  • Indirect but Nice
  • Interrogating  
  • Fearful
  • Self-focused
  • Too structured
  • Inattentive

Abundant mode

  • Hustle
  • Passionate
  • Organized
  • Disciplined
  • Praising
  • Clear and kind
  • Inquisitive / Curious
  • Loving
  • Thoughtful
  • Fun
  • Caring