September 15, 2021 5:12 am Published by

What’s the hardest thing? 

Is it research? Is it starting? Is it following through, dotting I’s and crossing T’s? Or is it something else? 

Whatever it is, here are two approaches to gaining momentum: 

  1. Start with the hardest thing at the time of day where your energy is highest, and you are most motivated. Turn off all electronic distractions and focus. If getting started is challenging, find your hack – do you need a work partner? A thought partner, a smaller bite or some motivation before or after you’ve begun? Figure it out. Too often we’re not self-aware enough to hack ourselves. 

  1. Don’t allow anything else to interrupt your focus and don’t move to ANYthing (including email, projects, phone calls, or “easy” tasks) before you’ve made progress. Set a reachable milestone for progress and then take a brief break. A reward or change of environment, quick walk outside, refresh on beverages, phone call with someone who matters etc… Then return to your next task.  

Whichever method you use, break your day into no longer than 90-minute chunks with breaks at each interval and watch your productivity rise. 

Focus and productivity can be learned and improved forever, don’t let yourself stay stuck. 

Progress, not perfection.