March 22, 2024 8:21 am Published by

Distractions. The world is filled with them. Whether it’s your social media, ads on your favorite shows, in your feed, or the person who interrupts you at work – or several of them, your day is filled with interruptions. How do you learn to focus amidst the chaos coming at you from all angles? 

For me, having time off from my heavily scheduled workdays allows me to return to my center and focus. The challenge for me is an internal battle with being continuously productive. It’s in my DNA to maximize time and efficiency. This is great for work, not so great if your family or friends want to relax with you.  

When I can sort my priorities, I know I focus more effectively. Here are a few of my favorite tactics: 

  • Lists – they work. Get it out of your head and on paper (or online if that works for you) 
  • Pace yourself – do the work, then move your body or play. Schedule your time with blocks for productivity and blocks for reward, release, joy, movement, or freedom 
  • Use some form of visual DND – at the office or at home, a construction hazard cone, caution tape, a sign or a closed door for 60-90 minutes can be a game changer. Limit the time for it or it will become meaningless, however 
  • Answer emails in one sentence or less if possible – this speaks for itself. If it takes much more, a conversation may be faster and more effective 
  • Do a social media/media detox – I promise, you won’t miss much, and your confidence will rise. 
  • Schedule several fun, meaningful and exciting events in the future – you’ll have something to look forward to and it will give you happy deadlines to work toward 
  • Establish the purpose of all your meetings at the beginning of the meeting and stand while you hold them – they won’t last as long and you can bring people back to the purpose if off track 
  • Take a break every 90 minutes – your productivity will soar.