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It’s lonely at the top.

It’s not just a phrase if you’re the CEO, a leader, or a single parent. There are many situations in life where anyone can feel isolated, alone and unsure. What can you do when you’re in that situation, feeling vulnerable, scared and wishing for a lifeline?

I’ve found several things which work well for me, try them and add yours below in the comments:

Gratitude. Begin or end your day with it. A journal is handy to catch patterns in your thinking, people to appreciate and see what you’re thinking. Meditating in gratitude also works. Sending one to three notes, texts, or emails to people you appreciate “just because” or directly to them will move you. Shifting your focus to all the greatness in your life is an intentional way to move from scarcity to abundance.

Seek your peers. As challenging as it is to talk your way through it, whether one on one or in a group (like a peer learning situation), be vulnerable and ask for help. Your authentic request could catalyze benefit for you and those you’re talking with. If you’re a CEO, chances are others have been in a similar situation and are happy to help or support you through your rough patch. Put your pride aside and open yourself to being supported.

Let your team/family know. You don’t have to go into the vast details of your fear, but let’s face it, they know before you do. If you let them know you are not at your best and could use their help, often those around you step up in the most beautiful and best possible way creating a deeper bond and lightening the load when you think it’s all on you.

Write it down. Have a tantrum on paper. Read the paper or burn it, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes purging all that’s bouncing around between your ears is the best medicine to see the garbage and then dispose of it. Remember, at times when you’re less than resilient, shifting your focus is the first step to forward movement and progress.

Take a break. Sometimes, you’re too “in” it to have perspective. Go for a walk, work out, watch a movie, take a nap, call a friend, or give up and quit for now. Put a time on it (15 minutes to 3 hours can be like a vacation when you do it well). Then, get back in with renewed energy and focus on one thing that will create forward progress.

There’s well more than this that works, these are my favorites. What works for you? Please share below or join our closed Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/683727785780398/). You won’t stay stuck for long, and you’ll know you’re not alone.

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