January 30, 2023 5:06 am Published by

When things are challenging, many of us get stalled at starting and proceed to feel bad. 

Once we feel bad, we justify our inaction creating stories, rationalizations, excuses, and justifications thinking our feelings are reason enough to remain stuck. 

We do other things, deprioritize the “big” thing we need to do that might be new, different, larger in scope, or something we’ve not done that we tell ourselves we don’t know “how” or where to begin. This reinforces feeling bad. 

All the brain games, procrastination, and delay tactics we offer ourselves keep us stuck. They create stress and push time limits to make the deadline force us to finally do something. Only we’re doing it under duress, not with the permission and freedom of a beginner’s mind. 

We set ourselves up to be victimized as we wait for someone outside us to ask or question what’s incomplete, late, or unfinished. We’ve succeeded in feeling worse, finding our villain, giving us a place to deflect and blame, making us feel worse still.  

When we are facing challenging things, the path above is one we traverse thinking we’ll avoid looking and feeling bad. What we know is the bad feelings are actually exaggerated and reinforced every time we travel this well-worn trail. 

If you want to feel better when challenged to begin, there’s an easier way. 

Do one thing… anything to begin. Take the first step. 

You’ll feel better once you get started.