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Communication is more art than science.  

And when you dissect the nuances of how we all communicate, it’s no wonder there are rough intersections, touchy moments and challenges between us. Here are four scenarios to consider: 

When a question is asked of a more analytical person, there is a noticeable and predictable silence that follows. Don’t fill it. Stop talking. Don’t re-ask the question another way.  

When you interrupt a results oriented, GSD person without notice, expect a less than pleasant look or response. Better to save it for a meeting (if not time sensitive or mission critical) or schedule one. 

When you interrupt the ‘life of the party’ person to clarify specifics and details as they are telling you about the most exciting thing of the moment, don’t be surprised when their enthusiasm wanes, they get angry or stop coming to you with their enthusiasm. Listen. Ask your questions when and if they didn’t answer them in their meandering story – it won’t be linear. 

When your kind, easy going person is overwhelmed with all things, and you offer solutions, don’t be surprised if you’re met with an abundance of emotion. They have no space for solutions, they need to be heard. Better to listen, repeat what you heard them say and let them know you’re in it with them.  

Right now, understanding is more important than ever.  

It begins with communication.  

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