January 29, 2021 8:00 am Published by

“Communication is a contact sport. Connect. Speak one-on-one, even in a group of 100. Make them care. Smile. Be plain-spoken and persuasive. Learn how others see you. Be a storyteller. Take advantage of unplanned humor. Keep it simple, sweetheart. Safe is a dangerous place to be – get outside your comfort zone. Have a point of view. Make a difference. Remember that you are the presentation, not your slides. Be first-brain friendly. Take a risk. Seek feedback…every day.” Anonymous

This lovely quote is from artwork I captured while traveling somewhere some time ago. It’s amazing to realize how much is a blur since last year.

It’s still inspiring and thoughtful, yet the realization that I can’t remember where or when I took this photo is striking to me.

If you’re challenged with your pace of change right now, you’re normal. Don’t fret.

If it’s important, you’ll remember it.

Keep it simple.