December 13, 2021 5:19 am Published by

There are cycles to everything. Our relationships, our businesses, our health, seasons in nature, and our lives. It’s like riding a bike through rolling hills. 

There are weeks, like this one, where it seems all people are in sync with me. They call, email, text when I’m thinking of them. Reciprocally, those I’m reaching out to are saying they were just going to reach out. When this is happening, I find my energy matches the synchronicity surrounding me. We add new clients, we are connected in our relationships and there’s an invisible flow to everything. It feels easy and effortless though we’re doing a lot. 

There are also weeks unlike this one, where it seems nothing is in sync with me. People are unreachable, unresponsive, and not reaching out. When I reach those people who are available, they are stressed and challenged, it seems they have no space or time. When this is happening, I find my energy matches what seems to be lacking. I have to talk myself through it and continue to do the right things remembering the abundance when I can’t see, feel, or hear it. It feels difficult and effortful and we’re doing a lot, though no more (and sometimes less) than when the flow is easy. 

Remembering there are cycles helps me remember it’s not personal. Like riding a bike through rolling hills, pedaling as I begin the next hill while there is momentum from the last hill is the way to even the pace.  

There will be hills, will you coast or pedal? The timing for each is essential for flow.