December 16, 2022 5:25 am Published by

During the holidays, I can get swept up in the busyness of the season along with the busyness of my work. It’s imperative to find peace amidst the chaos to enjoy all the season offers.  

We began scheduling a trip to warm weather for at least a long weekend in each of the winter months to interrupt our heavy working hours during the coldest months in Minnesota. It breaks up the weather, our pace, and gives us something to look forward to every month. 

It also helps us find peace. 

In the absence of these external breaks, I remind myself peace is not outside of me, and find access is readily available when I seek it. 

Two of my favorite ways to enjoy stillness this time of year are to spend time outside when it’s snowing, whether walking, snow shoeing, or cross-country skiing. In the evening, in or near the woods in temperate weather, I find peace welcomes me fully. It’s magical. 

The second way is to sit near the Christmas tree in an otherwise dark room and do nothing. No screens, no distractions, just the world’s greatest nightlight and the space to be. Almost instantaneously, I am transformed, returned to the better part of me, grateful for all there is.