June 30, 2022 5:35 am Published by

How do you manage strong reactions to things out of your immediate control? 

Me, I allow myself to feel whatever is there; fully…and I mean it. When I do so, especially if it’s a strong reaction, I put a time limit on it. 

Then, I need to manage through it which means to not deny what I’m feeling, but to find ways to work through it. 

Friday, June 24th was one of those days.  

I gave myself one full day, 24 hours, to be angry, frustrated, incensed, rageful, disappointed and hurt. 

I can’t swallow it and pretend, I’m not that person. When I manage myself this way, I can channel the emotion as fuel and focus on healthier redirections for my emotions. It works. Try it. 

And while you’re at it, here are some ideas for redirection if you’re a passionate person like me: 

  • Talk with people who you feel psychologically safe with 
  • Journal 

  • Ball slams at the gym  
  • Take a pontoon ride 
  • Long walks and bike rides  
  • Music 
  • Thinking through what you CAN do to affect change and catalyzing everyone and everything you’re able to in that direction (voting, educating yourself, taking a class, reading) 

  • Doing something kind for yourself or others 
  • Donate to organizations who align 

Don’t bury your feelings, use them to fuel forward motion.  

It matters.