August 21, 2023 5:25 am Published by

As the summer begins to wrap up, I fondly remember a trip our family took to Valley Fair. I love rollercoasters, yet several members of my family are afraid of heights. As we approached one of my favorites, the Renegade, it led to a meaningful conversation with my daughter.  

She was scared to get on the rollercoaster and told me she could already feel her body reacting in fear. As she described her physical symptoms to me, – sweaty palms, beating heart, energy coursing through her body – I smiled.  

You see, my body was experiencing the exact same thing! My feelings of excitement led to the same physical reactions in my body. As I explained this to Ali, she learned one of the life lessons that I hold true – our minds are in charge.  

Regardless of your physical reactions, your brain’s interpretation is what you’ll believe. It’s up to you to assign the meaning that serves you. What reactions can you reframe? Try it – you just might enjoy the rollercoaster.