July 28, 2023 5:25 am Published by

When I slow down to the pace of summer, I feel equal parts of relaxation or release and concern. Perhaps it’s my own overactive internal drive to be productive that gets in the way of fully embracing the relaxation available to me when I’m not at home? I’m unsure, I just know I enjoy it and also am challenged that I may not want to go back to the crazy pace I anticipate every Fall and Winter. 

I see myself stuck with limiting beliefs as I am caught between the seasons. I know I can shift to a growth mindset, and the first step is to be aware of my thoughts and find any barriers holding me back. This is always an opportunity, disguised as letting go of something. 

The next thing I approach is to practice deliberately. I begin taking on challenges and learning as I go. 

Like a skilled driver, I need to face obstacles with determination, and welcome feedback as my guide. I know I need to leave my comfort zone as I explore new possibilities. Some of them won’t work, and that’s okay.  Some will work and they’ll become fuel in my tank. 

With commitment, I’ll steer toward a growth mindset, becoming wiser in the process. I’ll remember, the destination is about embracing a mindset shift. This year, my intent will be to slow down to speed up, do less better, and enjoy the ride.