October 6, 2023 5:10 am Published by

As we enter Q4 and gear up for a busy few months filled with year-end goals, deadlines, and of course the holiday season, I’m using gratitude to keep me present, end the year strong, and enjoy the ride. 

It’s easy to get consumed with our to-do lists, what’s not working, and what we’d intended to accomplish by this point in the year. This kind of reflection is important, of course, but I’ve also found that reflecting with gratitude as my lens helps me be the leader, partner, parent, and friend I want to be along the way.  

The practice I use is called “The Doubler,” developed by Shawn Achor while writing his book, The Happiness Advantage. It’s simple, which I appreciate. Every evening, reflect on a positive experience from your day—a memory, an event, a conversation—something that brought you joy. Next, write down three positive words or adjectives that describe this experience. This is where the magic happens! By doing this, you double the effect of that positive moment in your life. You experience it twice in the same day! 

There is abundant research showing the positive impact expressing gratitude has on our lives. We know we should do it, yet we don’t prioritize it in our busyness. Please take this as your invitation to begin in an easy way. It’s one small step that will create an incredible impact for you and those around you.  

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