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Don’t Wait #181

If you want something, do you wait for it? I don’t.

In my twenties, when I wanted a job, I met with the owners of a small training company and expressed my interest in working for them. They told me they couldn’t afford to hire any employees at the time. Though I was disappointed, I began to volunteer for them. Shortly after, I was laid off from the position I held and I began to volunteer full time for them. It was a small company, I told them I’d volunteer until they hired me; which they did – two weeks later.

Too often, people wait for the next step to be offered, to check the next box off their list all while waiting for what’s going to happen anyway.

That won’t get you to the next level. You need to reach for it, drive it, focus on it and drive for it. You need to take initiative and color outside the lines when things matter to you. If not, you’ll get what you get, which is the sum of your thinking and actions (or lack thereof) to date.

The biggest possibilities are there if you want them; take the initiative, or be happy with what was going to happen anyway.

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