November 7, 2022 5:12 am Published by

As I look at our extended fall in Minnesota, I’m grateful for warm temperatures lingering into November. For those of you who believe we live in parkas year-round, one of our best times of year is the autumnal splendor with its colors and beauty. This year, we’ve received the gift of an extended season, though the wind assisted in the last few days of October to loosen the grips of most of the remaining leaves.  

I’m grateful.  

It’s a time of transition with nature and one of the gifts of living in the Midwest. Seasonal change accompanies mindset changes for me. 

I’m transitioning out of a 20-year role facilitating WPO (Women Presidents Organization) in Minnesota which marks both an end and a beginning. Though I’m moving into another role with WPO, it’s prompting reflection on what those 20 years have meant, how they’ve mattered, and the impact on my career and life. 

It’s also prompting an opportunity to consider what’s next and how I’ll use the time returning to my calendar. Without intentional commitment, it will erode into the existing busyness available in my life. 

In the same way the pandemic afforded a shake up to our workspaces, transitioning toward and away from opportunities offers the chance to recalibrate, realign and design life and work intentionally. 

Do you have transitions happening?  

Don’t rush to fill the space.