July 11, 2022 5:29 am Published by

There’s a binary trap I fall into, and when I do, the world around me follows the same path.  

My trap looks like this: 

Fear / Love 

Good / Bad 

Fair / Unfair 

Pain / Growth 

Right / Wrong 

Scarcity / Abundance 

You get the idea. When I’m on the left side of the trap, there’s not enough, life is lacking, things are not working or wrong, it’s hard and empty. There are more problems than solutions, and I’m tired. 

When I’m on the right side of the trap, there’s more than enough, life is fulfilling, things are working and “right” (on my terms), it’s easy and fulfilling. There are more opportunities than challenges and I’m energized. 

Leadership works this way. Your results show up in the world around you every day depending on who you are relative to what’s happening. The circumstances and conditions have nothing to do with it. 

Both sides are available 100% of the time, it’s your choice (mindset). 

What are your results showing you?