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I gave up email July 1, 2022. If you’re playing along, you know this. It’s been so positively freeing it’s hard to describe. You can see my autoresponder here: if you’re interested. 

I’m sharing this as I’ve received texts and calls, social media shout outs and personal appreciation for having done this. I’ve been bolstered on and am grateful for the time returned to me. 

In almost two months, only one person reacted less than favorably. Their response was judgmental and suggested I wasn’t valuing relationships with my actions on email. 

At first, I recoiled at their judgment. With consideration and more encouragement from others immediately following that criticism, I smiled. 

It’s quite the contrary. In the past two months, my phone and computer screen have had less opportunity to be an interruption to conversations, genuine connection, and my attention daily. Every. Single. Day. 

I would also offer the lessons so far include: 

  • I’m present and don’t need my electronic leashes 
  • I’ve recovered time, especially in the evenings and on the weekend 
  • I don’t miss it at all – the only times I’ll use it are for necessary communication – taxes etc… 

  • Our team is more informed in a timely manner 
  • Our clients are responded to in a timelier manner – I’m often unavailable for 8-10 hours at a time 
  • I am using the reclaimed time to read, write and be with people 

While I’d like to say it’s a loss, I can’t.  

I’m not swayed by an opinion; the benefits outweigh any loss. 

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