February 18, 2022 5:24 am Published by

Doing nothing is something. 

As a chronic doer, I’ve never been very comfortable doing nothing. 

I physically need to leave my home/environment to relax, or I’ll find at least a thousand things that need my attention. I understand this is a problem, undoing it is interesting. 

Enter the pandemic; it’s been a great clarifier on all levels. 

It’s taken going on vacation (for the first time in two years) to be the reset I’ve needed. We’re doing nothing in waves and it’s real progress for me. What does that look like? 

  1. Beginning the day slowly, whenever we awaken. 

  1. Reading every day. 

  1. Dipping our toes in the pool while talking. 

  1. Writing and learning from the reading – truly diving into 3 books. 

  1. Thinking about people, life, and work. 

  1. Biking – toodling around and exploring slowly, taking in the birds, animals and space. 

  1. Listening to the ocean. 

  1. Eating great food slowly and savoring it. 

  1. Enjoying music and meaningful conversation. 

  1. Being present for whatever might offer itself. 

My intent is to practice more of this at home. I don’t expect it to be perfect; sustainable change rarely is. Intentional Greatness® is a lifelong journey as a leader, in my business and in life. 

Join me?