July 5, 2021 5:18 am Published by

I’ve had a hard time saying “no” much of my life. 

Heck, my company is named YESS!, so I clearly have issues, right? 

What I’ve noticed repeatedly with the most successful people around me is they do three things consistently well: 

  1. They say no more often. In other words, they are laser focused on what needs to be true of any opportunity for it to be the right one them.  

  1. They prepare. When they say “YESS!, they are 100% in, they inquire, gather, learn and commit 100%. They enter any opportunity with a plan for their success. 

  1. They’re generous. They seek nothing before they’ve contributed and participate fully in the opportunities they commit to. They have no lack and give 100%. 

Learning to be selective has been a challenge for me, my interests and passion for variety make too many things interesting.  

With numbers two and three, I’ve done my reps and believe I’m consistently improving. Working on #1, is my number one. My team at work is supporting me with this. I have more work to do. 

Cheers to doing less better.