April 29, 2021 5:00 am Published by

Following up is a superpower.  

I’ve determined one of the most powerful differentiators is that simple. If you promise someone something, do it when you said you would. 

Too often, we all promise things absentmindedly. We don’t consider all the competing commitments we have and often, choose to negotiate with the kindest person we can disappoint, assuming they understand. 

If this is a rare occasion, you’re probably right. If it’s a pattern (2+ times it’s happened), you’re likely wrong. They are too nice to tell you, but they won’t count on you. 

When you don’t respond, communicate proactively and ensure you commit consciously, know you are hurting your relationships and diminishing trust. 

When I’ve met people and they promise to follow up, one of the ways I decide whether or not I’ll work with them is whether they deliver on what they said or not. Most often, if they don’t begin the relationship doing so, it’s not getting better. 

Pay attention. Follow up.