March 4, 2024 5:25 am Published by

Are you experiencing stress right now? Is it more than your usual amount? 

Have you tried all the self-care options you can? If not, try some. 

Have you talked with friends, family and anyone who’ll listen, and you feel a bit better, but it’s only a short while?  

Did that bottle of wine help, until the emotions you’re packing down welled up to the surface? 

If any of the above are methods you’re trying aren’t working and you’re still looking for solutions to the stress you’re experiencing, try this: 

  1. Say no to something (or several things) – especially those things that bring no joy 

  1. Look for things to eliminate. Physical, mental, emotional, apps on your phone, clothing you’ve not worn in years, events you said yes to and didn’t mean it, clutter in your home or office, food past its expiration date… just eliminate something 

  1. Take some time alone and care for you, your thinking, and make some space between your ears.  

  1. Have some fun. Something you’ve not done in a while, just because. 

  1. Find something to celebrate every day and begin every meeting with good news.