June 20, 2024 8:26 am Published by

When you pursue a dream, a future opportunity, or a goal, all kinds of concern, worry, and fear can show up. After all, it wouldn’t be a future possibility if you already knew how to do it. 

Recently, while working with a group of CEOs, one of them declared something big. It was something career and life altering that wasn’t in the plans;, it was an epiphany. This person had no prior knowledge in this subject matter. 

While we discussed the possibility, they talked about all the things they “didn’t know” how to do. One of the other leaders suggested a technique where instead of consistently saying “I don’t know how” to reframe it to “I don’t know how YET.” I suggested another reframe to “I haven’t done that yet.”  

Either of the reframing options offer you the opportunity for excitement, learning, and future action. Stating “I don’t know how” reinforces what you aren’t or don’t, adding “yet” or not having done something sparks an intent to act.  

It’s subtle, but significant if you’re up for big things. Try it and see what happens.