June 13, 2022 5:12 am Published by

It works until it doesn’t. 

At work and home, I am the one to lead, decide and cause things. Mostly, I love it and it suits my nature as a decisive change agent. Because I get paid for this skill, I’ve learned to use it well and most of the time it works.  

Until it doesn’t. 

When we are on vacation, what I’ve come to realize is I don’t refresh or refuel if I’m still in decision making mode. What I need is the time and flexibility to be spontaneous, let others decide and relax to enjoy whatever is to happen for the most part. I want those around me to coordinate plans and make some decisions so I respond.  

In essence, I get a break from taking charge while doing some new things.  

This works until those highly flexible people I’ve surrounded myself with (who by the way are conditioned to be flexible due to my normally decisive nature) don’t read my mind. 

The calendar will fill itself, whether intentionally or not, whether on vacation or not. 

To enjoy time off, deciding to not decide is a team sport.