December 26, 2019 10:00 am Published by

Curve Balls #224

Curveballs. They happen. It’s when the stuff you couldn’t imagine or wouldn’t know was coming shows up and interrupts the previously scheduled plans you’ve had.

They happen in small ways every day. If you’re over-scheduled, there’s no room for them and they result in anxiety, stress and broken promises. There’s a simple fix for this one, schedule less, say no to more. Otherwise, we should all expect interruptions and curveballs when overscheduled so we minimize our reactions.

The larger ones, the curve balls you couldn’t have seen coming that are game-changers, life alterers and interruptions to your patterns of thinking and habits; these are something else.

When the very nature of your day is filled with a new reality an incredible opportunity, the love of your life, a career path or location change, or a chronic or terminal diagnosis; this is different. It requires you to rethink your patterns, your life, your comfort, the things you take for granted and all you’ve decided. These kinds of curveballs question our mortality, our future, our competence, what’s possible and our capabilities. These are the events that alter the course of our lives and our security.

The problem is we confuse the two and treat the everyday curveballs as if they are the larger ones. They’re not. Don’t confuse them.