August 31, 2022 5:33 am Published by

I was learning with Dr. David Cooperrider, the man credited with creating Appreciative Inquiry. It was a rich experience drenched in goodness. I mean, when it’s called appreciative inquiry, what else would it be? 

Consider flipping your script, asking only forwarding questions, redirecting your language to be positive, appreciative, generative, and abundant. 

It’s not about denial, fluff or what some called positive thinking. It’s literally about asking questions differently with an appreciative lens, amping up your questions and releasing your grip on certainty enough to accelerate your curiosity. 

I found my experience to be regenerative. It was familiar, but not as practiced as my critical thinking. 

There’s a muscle to be strengthened for me that will increase my ability to see the good when it’s challenging. 

It all begins with curiosity.