November 29, 2022 5:25 am Published by

One of the great exercises I’ve offered clients recently is the gift of expanding gratitude and enhancing their culture. It’s a simple exercise and it has exponential impact. 

When we talk about talent in our session rooms, we encourage the leadership team to create a magnetic culture. Think about that. A magnet does two things. It attracts and repels. 

Both are valuable.  

When your culture sustains itself well, those who share your core values are drawn to work with your team and most people focus here. It’s a great thing, and… it also means your culture will repel those who don’t fit the culture. The team will self-manage and ensure those who truly don’t fit won’t last. 

It’s not managed from the top; it’s honored by all. This means peer pressure drives accountability to our behaviors as well as our results. The power is shared by all.  

The simple exercise I offer is this: bring to mind someone who has exceeded your expectations with one or more of your core values in the past month. Everyone thinks of someone within a minute.  

I ask them to call, text or email that person on the break letting them know we were talking about core values and tell them what it meant to think of them as exemplary.  

A simple, sincere act that matters. As leaders, we need to do this often and with intention. 

In a talent constricted world, culture wins every time.