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Are you concerned about how to stay “connected” over the winter? Many people are. 

In fact, it’s a source of discussions with most of my clients. Leaders are looking for meaningful ways to support employees and each other when distanced. The concern is a lack of connection. 

Few will dispute that 2020 has offered more opportunities to grow, redesign, learn, redirect and get creative than most on record. 

Let me suggest a different approach, one which involves unlearning some habits.  

If you’re busy hoping your workplace will do something to capture those moments you’re missing – you know the ones, the passing conversations in the hallway, the “got a minute” meetings that erupt into dialogue between friends, the impromptu times you capture moments while in the same space – these are certainly not the same digitally. 

What can you do?  

  • Don’t wait for your employer, start something – games, happy hours, chats, lunch hours, working in a conference room together (safely apart if possible), weekly themes, trivia, etc… 
  • If you are the leader, make 1:1 time with people to check how they are, unrelated to performance 
  • Get away from your screen every 60-90 minutes and move – EVERY day 
  • Make a list of things you enjoy doing indoors, outdoors, alone and with others – we’re not resourceful when we feel disconnected, the list will help 
  • Help someone else – this is the fastest way to help yourself 
  • Find ways to laugh with others – videos, memes, jokes, photos, music, all will lift your spirits 

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