August 18, 2023 5:27 am Published by

In the whirlwind of any overscheduled day, my favorite quote attributed to Gandhi will cross my mind: “I’m so busy today, I’ll have to meditate twice as much.”  

Amidst the multiplying meetings, tasks, and continuing needs of others, the thought of pausing to meditate seems unrealistic and counterproductive – as if volunteering the time slipping through my fingers. But then, I remember that during my busyness, my confidence and clarity tend to wane. 

It’s during these moments of overwhelm that I’ve come to appreciate the power of stillness. Despite my compulsion to swiftly tackle problems, I’ve learned the most impactful solutions arise from a calm mind and a grounded presence. 

So, despite my default nature to push through it all at a breakneck pace, I’ll pause to double down on stillness, allowing space for serenity to prevail amongst the discord.