November 15, 2021 5:14 am Published by

Artwork is inspiration.  

In the same way time in nature can clear your mind, artwork can offer a journey into worlds we didn’t expect. When we surround ourselves with beautiful creations we appreciate, it’s evocative, it’s emotive and it opens our senses to be more creative and appreciative. 

Ali and I took a trip to Willmar to enjoy James Church’s beautiful work: Out of Many ( It’s dedicated to Mahtab Rezai, dear friend, wise woman and incredible human who is no longer with us physically, though her legacy lives on. This beautiful piece is worth the journey to Willmar to feel her and experience her fully outside the Carris Health Rice Memorial Hospital. We are all better for having known Mahtab, who left an indelible mark on our spirits by including others and always gathering beauty.  

This sculpture is the essence of all of her. Thank you, James. 

Since Mahtab has passed, cardinals have been the totem for me to remind me she’s here – if you notice in the background of the photo with the arrow, you’ll see she’s there as well.  

There are no accidents. Connection is everywhere. 

Day 11: Today, observe the art in the spaces you spend time in and appreciate where they take you, what they awaken and what’s available by breathing and observing. Don’t rush, notice what happens and capture it. Alternatively, if you’re ready for more, create some art. Make something. A picture, painting, piece of jewelry, sculpture, cairn or ….