December 10, 2021 5:45 am Published by

Day 30 of our challenge has arrived, congratulations! 

To spend 30 days in gratitude is its own reward. It goes so quickly and we’re all better for it. I encourage you to reflect on the experience of the past 30 days and take the wins and challenges with it. 

What do you notice? How are you experiencing things and what stands out in your recollection? 

For me, I am more peaceful, happier, and more reflective. I notice I still react, but the grip of reaction has lessened and moves away more quickly. I am more grounded and authentic. I am honest with myself and others with less of an edge.  

I am kinder to myself and able to handle the pace and quantity of tasks accompanying the holidays with more fluidity. Have I been flawless? No.  

I’ve been perfectly imperfect and improving.  

Here’s to the next 30 days and beyond. I hope you’ll continue daily and consider participating in our next challenge. 

May your holidays and 2021’s completion be spectacular and filled with abundance and joy.