December 8, 2022 5:23 am Published by

Music is and has always been an elixir for me. Whether live (the best!) or recorded, it offers me the bridge to energy, joy, space to grieve, pathway to memories, and is the key to unlock passion and connection in life. 

When we chose The New Standards concert nine years ago for our family gathering with our blended group, we hoped it would become something we’d all look forward to enjoying together. 

Indeed, it has! 

With its variety show appeal, immense local talent, unexpected fun and dancing, there’s truly something for us all.  

The concert surpasses expectations every year; the band truly outdoes themselves in every show. It’s clear everyone is performing out of their true passion for music, each other, and the opportunity to have fun with and because of the holidays. 

Because it’s never the same show twice, yet they include enough consistency we can sing along and end with a few heartwarming favorites, everyone wins. The local talent comes out in droves to contribute, and the collaborative nature of the experience magnifies the fun. 

As a chosen family, we feel very at home with the chosen family performing on the stage. It’s a patchwork of talent coming together, amplifying one another, having fun, doing what they love together…just like us.  

As it’s evolved, so have we.  

Thanks Chan Poling, Steve Roehm, Steve Munson and the whole band for all you do to create a space to celebrate, connect and collaborate.  

Our family is better because of you.