March 23, 2023 5:33 am Published by

I was in my Strategic Coach cohort recently and we did an exercise quickly documenting our entrepreneurial “phases” through history.  

It took a minute to get going, then it flooded in. 

I quite easily recognized more than 10 phases with fond recollection. They all were turning points in my journey. Each one opened to a more expansive opportunity beyond the one prior.  

When asked why they were important, looking back it was easy to see each prepared me for the next greater opening in my life and career. It became essential to realize the process of hitting the ceiling isn’t new, it’s what enables me to strengthen my ability to let go of who I’ve been, what I believe is possible, and reset any limiting beliefs at the time. 

Each ceiling becomes the next floor as the path unfolds.  

The stuck points become doors, windows, and ultimately a filter for the future. We’re only done if we say so; grow or stagnate. 

For me, it’s time to clarify, simplify, and amplify.