October 23, 2023 5:19 am Published by

To lead well means you turn challenges into chances. When things get difficult, pausing to get perspective will give you space for three things: 

Adaptation. In order to respond, not react, you change your plans to fit the situation, just like a pilot adjusts their course during a storm.  

Inspiration. Find ways to boost your team’s spirits, reminding everyone of the compelling reasons to persist and work together – especially when times are tough. These moments define who you are and link directly back to your core values. Use them to inspire. 

Empowerment. You create space for team members to step up, share their ideas, and promote collaboration that leads to fresh ways to solve problems. Many hands make light work. 

As Albert Szent-Györgyi said, “Discovery is seeing what everyone has seen, but thinking what nobody has thought.” Great leaders help us see challenges in a new light, as opportunities waiting to be won.