October 18, 2019 10:00 am Published by

Change = Growth #175

Change can be hard. It requires letting go of what was while embracing what is possible and improved. Too often, our thinking is skewed to keeping things as is – especially if we believe it’s working for us. Our fixed thinking is what makes it hard, not the change itself.

Change doesn’t have to be hard. When you adjust your expectations and focus on the future, anticipate that all things, people, and circumstances change, you will embrace it differently than if you resist it.

Too often, we settle for what is refuting that what’s possible may expand us and our possibilities profoundly.

Where are you resisting change and accepting things are “as good as they can be?” If there are places you desire to be different than they currently are – personally, professionally, in your relationships, in your community or elsewhere – ask what, who and how it needs to change?

Sitting with the question can be as powerful as taking your first step. What you fear is being uncomfortable, not the change itself. When you look backward, you’ll see your biggest growth was propelled by your biggest changes.

So what, who and how could you change to align to living your best life today?