November 13, 2020 8:00 am Published by

Do you ever have sleepless nights? Me too, only not all of them are bad. 

I awoke early one day last week and decided I should arise rather than try to return to sleep, it just wasn’t working. I wasn’t terribly restless, just done sleeping.  

It happens that way when you get the right amounts of what you need, sleep, water, food, exercise, human connection, time alone. I find the sleeplessness is more about my body being ready to go rather than full of concerns. 

I began my day at 3:30am and promptly wrote three blogs, organized my office, clarified my thinking, read some inspirational pages, took a clarity break and at 6:30am was ready for a shower.  

After resetting my day with a shower, I found I was ready for more and took on a bit more about creating work and making a lovely meal to celebrate with my family. As the family arrived, we began cooking together at 1pm and carried our fun into the evening.  

It never felt like a long day, or one I had begun at an unusually early hour. It was simply a good balance of all things, including work – though it was a Saturday.  

I need to earmark these days, it seems my selective memory can fixate on those which don’t work so well with more consistency.  

How about you? Are you collecting the days that are pristine as often as those in contrast?