May 15, 2023 5:32 am Published by

Picture this: You’re a creative genius, toiling away in your secret lair, conjuring up groundbreaking ideas that could change the world with your team. But alas, the universe has other plans for you. Suddenly, you find your work being shamelessly co-opted by someone else. Cue the dramatic music… 

Being a victim of creative co-option is like having your baby snatched from your loving arms and paraded around town like the town crier’s prized possession. It’s a mix of flattery, frustration, and a sprinkle of “what-the-hell-just-happened?”  

In the world of creative endeavors, co-opters are like those distant relatives who show up uninvited to your birthday party and eat all the cake. They swoop in, stealing your thunder, and leaving you dazed and confused. But hey, let’s look on the bright side: at least they think your work is brilliant enough to pilfer. 

The irony is, in an attempt to mimic your genius, co-opters often fall flat on their faces. It’s like watching a clumsy acrobat trying to replicate your graceful tightrope act. We’re supposed to find solace in knowing that imitation is the highest form of flattery, even if it’s a poorly executed version. Only it doesn’t feel like flattery. It’s like watching a train wreck. 

Co-option may be annoying, but we’re told it’s a sign our ideas are worth coveting.  

True genius can never be co-opted. Your unique perspective, imagination, and passion are the secret ingredients that make your work shine. So, keep doing your work, explore uncharted territories, and don’t let the co-opters dull your sparkle. 

In the end, it’s your passion, originality and authenticity that will endure. Like parasites, the co-opters are always left searching for a new host.  

When life hands you co-opters, rise above the imitation and continue to leave an indelible mark with your unique contributions to the world.