August 12, 2022 5:30 am Published by

When we purchased our home, the yard was overgrown. Not just a little, a lot. 

We moved in mid-July, and as all moves go, there’s plenty to do and undo, so the yard wasn’t our first priority with limited summer days remaining and our attention focused on settling in. 

When the spring arrived, we set about the work of reclaiming a large space of land. The hill behind our home had overgrown weeds, landscaping, and everything that comes with overgrowth. Bee and wasp hives, trees that needed to be removed, plants to recover, and more. 

When the initial mowing of the weeds happened, we even discovered a paver path we couldn’t see due to the overgrowth. It was a mess. 

Enter Cindy Daniels, maniac on a mission. She’s worked on our yard for almost three summers now and it’s transformed from a mess to a haven. Oh, it’s not finished yet, but a stroll through the garden offers peace, colorful arrays of flowers year-round, and butterflies. 

We’re transforming our outdoor space in other ways this year, moving our “slice of paradise” as she calls it, into its next transition which is causing short term pain for long term gain. Even during this disruption, the flowers and butterflies remind me that transformation includes pain, growth, and letting go. 

Letting go of what was in order to embrace what is ahead.