September 1, 2022 5:24 am Published by

It’s amazing to witness someone emerging into their greatness….and it’s even better when they are related to you. 

Seeing people embrace beautiful, powerful aspects of themselves that shine through your eyes, previously invisible through their eyes is a gift. 

As I watch the metamorphosis of my adult children, I’m appreciative of who they are. Perfectly wonderful in their own ways, while becoming the powerful, passionate humans they are meant to be. 

When we’re together, we’re quite a team. We know how to work and play together; we’ve created a rhythm. We weren’t born into this together, it’s been a journey. We’re a blended family.  

A family of choice. 

We’ve worked, laughed, cried, and traveled together to become more than two halves brought together by two parents love, we’ve made it a priority to define what our connective tissue is, with each member being their best selves, interdependent and strong.  

Each person is unique, beautiful, and important, yet we’re better together.