April 21, 2020 7:00 am Published by

The experience of riding on a roller coaster seems to sum up many people’s experience for the Spring of 2020. The highs and lows are real, and each person you talk to seems to take their turn with the emotion of the moment. 

If we can keep our emotions asynchronous, we’ll get through this just fine. The trouble is there’s no guarantee of that experience. 

Last week, it seemed like a lot of leaders hit a wall at one moment or another. Decision fatigue set inthe reality that we’re running a marathon became more visceral, and impatience with uncertainty left many craving any form of historic “normalcy.” 

To reconcile our feelings along with the challenges we’re facing is daunting at times.  

It’s okay to hit the wall, lose your patience, say or do the wrong thing and go back to apologize. Showing grace for ourselves and others is part of the journey right now. Remembering you’re human and no one has a playbook for what’s happening will remind you to go easier on yourself and others. We all need permission to be human.  

Quit for tonight. Tomorrow is a fresh start and a new day. Begin again.